the right ingredients

for the right food


Just the Right Food

You would want people to really be able to experience the food—touch it, smell it, eat it, purchase it—while also learning about it.

You might create labels about the importance of some of these foods to Italian tradition and culture, as well as invite visitors to take in stories of how and where the foods are made. You might try to immerse visitors in a certain kind of environment. This place exists, although it’s not a museum. It’s a restaurant. It’s The Pasta Maker Restaurant.



Our story begins in Italy with a young man and continues today with creative discovery of handcrafted pasta – from our heart to yours

Home Made Pasta

The Pasta Maker Restaurant brings  the  passion  and  commitment to high quality, artisanal pasta to the U.S. in the form of a full-service restaurant, where fresh pasta is made  on  site daily in it’s Pasta  Studio,  and  hand-selected  rare  and  regional  Italian  products and prepared foods are available to take home.

Guest Reviews

  • The ideal spot for any occasion, The Pasta Maker Restaurant serves dinner seven nights a week, and serves lunch Monday through Friday, when the room is awash in sunlight.

    Germantown Square
  • The menu, organized by category, and complemented with corresponding savory sauces. Definitely the best choice!

    Savory sauces
  • A charmingly original restaurant in a neighborhood starved for good fare. Italian cuisine with drop-dead delicious ingredients making every entree an experience.

    Farm House

The Healthy Italian way

Fresh or dry, bowties or butterflies – Italy has an infinite cache of pasta varieties, each with its own unique history, texture, and place on the table. Perhaps unsurprisingly, pasta is an integral part of Italians’ daily cuisine.

However, at The Pasta Maker Restaurant, we occasionally hear whispers about how one should not eat pasta every day, and we could not disagree more! It is a delicious, versatile ingredient that can be a part of everyday life, but – and here is the key – you have to eat pasta the healthy Italian way.

School of Artisanal fresh pasta

The Pasta Maker Restaurant is the first Sfoglia and traditional Modenese cooking school in Tennessee.

The courses are open to everyone: adults, kids.
Inside, the school is divided into two large rooms; on the first classrooms of pasta, bread and pastries, on the second room the large Kitchen and Main Room, which is home to events, courses, demonstrations and special occasions.